Peak District Chee Dale Clwyd Limestone S.Wales Sandstone S.Wales Limestone The Gower Ban-Y-Gor

Tirpentwys Topo

1 Shrew (5) the left-hand route on the small left-hand wall.

2 Yank my Chain (4) the central line

3 Paw Me (4+) climbs the right-hand side of the wall

4 By default line (5) the angle of the walls

5 The Brown Dirt Cowboy (6a+) the first line on the wall to the right

6 Where there's Muck there's Brass (6a) the pillar past a dirty band

7 Mucky Ducky (6a+) technical start and easier wall above ledge

8 Lets Get Down and Dirty (6b+) the third line. Desperate above the ledge

9 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (6b+) hardest above the ledge with hollow holds above

10. Choosey Suzie (6b+) pillar to right with low technical section

11 Lundy Boy (6b) * batter climbing on good holds

12 Supertramp (6c+) ** the route of the quarry with sustained moves

13 Strawberry Jam (7b+) * the central crackline. Hard

14 The Cragmeister (6b) * the next crackline with fine finger jams

15 Rocky (6a) * a sandy bulge and good holds above

16 The Tactless Teacher (6b) * easiest at the start, the finish providing the difficulties

17 Hail Mary (7a) * another easy start with crimpy face climbing above.

18 Twisted Logic (6b+) * an easier lower wall and hard finish

19 Leading Edge (6a) * shares the start to finish via the right-hand arête

20 Mental Mantles (5) * the wide crack sometimes and wall above the ledge

21 Diamond Dog (6b) * gains the obvious line from the left.

22 The Chimney Finish (6a) * tricky at the start with better holds above

23 Flakes and Chips (6c) * taken direct give tough climbing, easier but less interesting on the right

24 Ledge and Braces (5) the wall above the raised platform.

25. Unnamed (6a+) short hard wall. 26. Unnamed (4) pleasant arete.

27. You've had your Chicks (6b) easy groove and problematic pull.

28. Crumlin Towards England (5) juggy wall from left-hand end of ledge.

29. Crumlin at the Seams (6a) thin crack.

30. Crumlin at the Edges (6a) the arete.