Anarchy Sector

To the left are Arteaclism (6a+) the sharp arete, Wallaclism (6b) a leftwards line from grassy ledge and Thankyou Grooves (5) a long slim isolated groove 20m to the left again.

1. Overbored (6b)

2. Let it Bleed (6b) go slightly to the left to a shared belay

3. Getting the Groove (5)

4. Anachronism (5+)

5. Truculent Anarchist (6a)

6. Mine Anarchy (6a)

7. Only Ken’s Anarchy Will do (6b)

8. Always Break the Rules (5+)

9. Snap Decision (5+)

10. Anarchy in the Uk (5+)

11. Bedrock Paradox (5)

UK Subs (6a) right again.