Peak District Chee Dale Clwyd Limestone S.Wales Sandstone S.Wales Limestone The Gower Ban-Y-Gor

Staden Quarry – Solar Wall right hand


1. Solstice VS 4c cracks in left side of wall

2. Princess of the Streets E1 5b * centre of excellent black wall

3. Solar Treat VS 4c crack and groove in right side of wall

4. Ralos HVS 5a The left hand of two prominent cracks

5. Singularly Solarium E1 5b the right-hand crack

6. Solarium Solitude E1 5b the centre of the fluted wall to the right

7. Solar Pillar HVS 5a faint arete and fine fluted upper arete

8. Solar Wall HVS 5b fine groove and fluted headwall.

9. Solar Slab HVS 5a the slabby face and crack to a railway track at the top

10. Solar Crack HVS 5a the face and faint crack to the right

11. Solar Staden E1 5b a short groove and crack to small chimney finale

12. Staden Solar E1 5b the crack and pleasant slab

13. He Just Stayed On E1 5b easy face to prominent crack in the back of a bay

14. Tariff Setting E2 5b shallow groove and crack to small chimney exit

15. New settings E3 5c bold face and upper crack

16. I Could be the Staden Man E2 5c the crack above the left side of the cave and faint thin crack above

17. Cave Exploits E2 5c crack right of the cave and short wall and V slot