Peak District Chee Dale Clwyd Limestone S.Wales Sandstone S.Wales Limestone The Gower Ban-Y-Gor

Staden Quarry – Lower Quarry

Further right is an isolated arete:

On the left-hand side of the quarry are a clutch of five routes:

A. Snowy the Owl (6a+) an easy start via cracks leads to a handful of good moves up the arete

B. Snow Blow (6a) similarly straightforward climbing to another worthwhile arete section

C. Too Cold for Snow (6a) good climbing, the left-hand of three sharing the same belay

D. Girl from the Snow Country (6a+) the central line with a hard start

E. The Snow Queen (6a+) another tricky start leads leftwards to join the central route

Frosty Arete (6b) climbs its left-hand side.

1. St Petersburger (6a) Open lower wall to ledge. The upper wall finishes in a crack

2. Leningrad E1 5b, 5b Lower wall past a thread and wall on right to tree

3. Route 1 HVS 5b, 4c the crackline finishing via poor flakes on the right

4. Death's Retreat (6b+) the old route starting a crack but now finished more easily.Good

5. Laurel and Jihadi (7a+) * technical face to finishing moves once of the last route

6. Soft Mick (6b+) * the excellent fingery face

7. Bandobras Took (6c) * more fine climbing via the thin crack

8. Taxing Times (6b+) the open technical wall to the right is short but good

9. Tax to the Max (6b) * the next line, fingery, finishing on the ledge

10. VAT Man! (6b) the vague arete to the ledge

11. The Tax Inspector (6a) the left-hand groove line proves worthwhile

12. Capital Gains (6a+) the steep face and easier groove

13. The Staden Unconquerable (6c) a tricky little entry to the groove leads into a steep layback/jam crack. Ungradeable

14. Invisible Limits (6c+) * the excellent technical face finishing on a short flat wall

15. Silent Fear (6c) hard starting moves lead into a shallow groove

16. A Nice, Quiet Beer (6b+) * another tricky wall to an easier finale

17. Deviant (6b) * the difficult wall to a reachy and fingery finish

18. Levant (6c) fine climbing up the vague rib and square overlap

19. Ephemeral Groove (5+) * an excellent face climb leading into the corner

20. Before the Storm (6b+) * more fine climbing via the overlap and short headwall.

21. Restive Being (6b) * the thin crack and excellent face

22. Being at Rest (6c+) the final face with a short desperate boulder problem above the second bolt