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Staden Quarry – Anvil Wall

1. Tout Comprendre E1 5a the left-hand arete beginning part way up the slope. Poor gear.

2. Je ne Comprendre Pas E5 6a smear for your life up the right-hand side of the rib

3. A Game of Chess E5 6b ** a superb technical feast on the blank-looking face via a vague crackline. Immaculate but tricky to work out.

4. Hammer into Anvil E2 6a Steps left from a block and up via a short-lived sequence of technical moves.

5. Nice 'n Sleazy E2 5b a vague line on the right-hand side of the slab past a small overlap.

6. 96 Smears E5 6c * the extremely smooth slab to the right. Appropriately named.

7. Rupert Bear Goes Hiking VS 4c the left-hand crack of two on the slab to the right.

8. Bimbo the Exploding Lorry Driver's Gulch Eliminate VS 4b the right-hand crack. Care with the exit.

9. Beau Jest HVS 5a the right-hand arete of the wall.