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Smalldale – Access


Take the A6 north out of Buxton, or south from Dove Holes, and take a right turn for Peak Dale, 1mile after the golf Course or 1 mile on the left out of Dove Holes. The road leads through Batham Gate and Peak Dale and just before the village of Smalldale the quarry will be seen on the right-hand side of the road. Park in the drive leading to the quarry but do not block access. Walk through the lorry park to the quarry.


The quarry is relatively un-complex. The main white wall is obvious by its white leaning nature and seemed with a number of thin cracks and grooves. The left wall of this leads up the hillside and gives a number of face climbs. 100m to the right of the main wall is a long line of cliffs with a mixture of traditional and sports climbs alike: only these latter routes are currently described, the trad. routes remaining in a poor state of repair.