Peak District Chee Dale Clwyd Limestone S.Wales Sandstone S.Wales Limestone The Gower Ban-Y-Gor

Moving Buttress

1. Never to Look Back (7b) ** the impressive arete gives a short but sustained pitch.

2. I Had a Black Shirt (7a) * squeezed onto the right-hand side of the arete. Technical.

3. Protest and Survive E5 6a ** a bold pitch aiming for the prominent right-facing flake.

Whistling Crack HS 4b ** the classic wide crack.

4. Gander Meat E6 6c ** A desperate fingery exercise up the blank face. There is an E5 6b left-hand variant.

5. Meat and Two Veg (7b+) * hideously thin climbing up the centre of the face. Thin fingers apply.

6. Spirit of the Age E5 6a a bold sequence up the shallow scoop line.

7. Autonomon HVS 5b * a little gem via a series of vague steps, short wall and grassy groove.

8. Automaton (7a) squeezed onto the blank-looking face to the right.

9. Monoton VS 4b the enjoyable shallow grove finishing via a grassy groove on the right.

10. Vibrator E1 5b * excellent climbing via the shallow groove. Finish via a thin crack further to the right.

11. Witch in Stitch (7b) ** a fingery exercise up the blank face.

12. Witchless (7a) a short and demanding few moves to the right.

13. Soft Shoe VS 4c the crack and bulge. From the ledge, finish up a crack 3m to the right or direct at HVS 5b.

14. Shapeshifter HVS 5a the wall to the right, slightly rightwards.

15. Transit Groove VS 4c the prominent crack, slim groove and wide crack.

16. Escort Crack VS 5a the crack with a hard move to gain the tree.

17. Thin Lizzy HVS 5b ** a superb pitch up the flake, over the overlap on the right and headwall.

18. Swinging Wall VS 4c the crack and pillar to the break. Move left to the wide crack finale.

1. A Man Called Horse (7b+) the desperately thin wall to the right with 3BRs.

2. Dynamic E1 5c a technical shallow groove finishing direct from the grassy ledge.

3. A Farewell to Arms the left-hand of two thin cracks.

4. Armless (7a) the short and bouldery wall.

5. Nettle Wine E3 6a the right-hand thin crack.

6. Still Wall VS 4b the vegetated shallow groove to the right.

1. Orchrist VS 4c the long shallow groove with a vegetated finale.

2. Osculation HVS 5a * the fine groove to the right with a less vegetated finale.

Yuk HVS 6b a short sharp shock to the right.

3. Wise Up! Sucker E4 6b two bolts mark the line of this tough wall.

4. Your Rotten Thoughts (7a) a poor and short boulder problem route.

5. Priming the Pump E4 6a the long thin crackline to the right. Much harder than it looks.

6. Oh No! It's the Wall-to-Wall Birthday Party (7a+) The desperate faint crackline.

7. Fresh Jive (7c) even meaner, the wall to the right.

8. Shaking Crack E1 5b ** classic stuff via the obvious crackline.

9. Big Boned Backside (7c) another mean contribution with a new finale.

10. Suicide's Reprieve E4 6a bold climbing via the wall and shallow groove to the right.

11. Dangleberry VS 4c * a classic line via the groove on the right and a long traverse to a prominent crack. A belay can be taken.

12. Mackenzie Frenzy E3 5c the headwall above the start of Dangleberry

13. Thor's Hammer HVS 5a ** another classic up the imposing black flake.

14. Socialism E3 5c * a difficult pitch via a faint hanging flake on the arete.

15. A Stomach for It. E4 6b * a good find via a technical low wall and the excellent hanging arete.

16. Colon HVS 5b * a fine route gaining the square-cut groove from the right.

17. Thin Thin Groove VS 4b * the thinner groove to the right again is again excellent.

1. Calvi Corner S the obvious corner line with a few in-situ bushes!

2. Behaviour of Fish E4 6b the left-hand side of the blank looking face. Overgrown.

3. Forgotten Dream E5 6b an easy start to a blank-looking wall. Overgrown.

4. The Roaring Forties E3 5c the crackline is now overgrown.

5. Grrrrrrrr E5 6b * a fine new addition with some technical moves.

6. Quake HVS 5b * the fine shallow groove system. Needs cleaning at the top.

7. Family Fortunes (7a+) A direct line with small holds. Fingery.

8. Vibration HVS 5a ** a little classic taking the angled crack to join Quake.

9, Pushed to the Hilti E4 6a a direct connection with 2BRS.

10. Shock the Monkey E4 6a The angled crackline with some situ-gear.

11. Gibbon Take (6c) a poor titbit on the right.