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Harpur Hill - Nidge’s Wall

This is the section of cliff between Papacy Buttress and the Dark side and is easily characterized by Nidge’s calling card high on the cliff.

1. What's the Paint? (5) left-hand line with hardest moves low down.Rebolted and new belay added

2. Pity the Graffiti (5+) * pleasant long rib with steep pull through initial bulge. Rebolted and new belay added

3. Set Fred Free (6a) * the left-hand line from the high platform gives pleasant climbing to a steep finale. Rebolted and new belay added

4. Wilky's Revenge (6a+) * the central line from the platform gives a very pleasant wall climb. Rebolted and new belay added

5. Making Plans for Nidge (6b) * takes a line through the left-hand side of the alcove and past Nidge himself. Rebolted and new belay added

6. Helzapoppin' (7a) ** a superb stamina exercise through the centre of the alcove. Doesn't let up. Rebolted and new belay added

7. Right Said Fred (6b) climbs through the right-hand side of the roof on big holds and layaways. Rebolted and new belay added

Poised Block Buttress

1. Gee Whiz-z-z-z-z-z (6b) a short wall past a grassy ledge onto a tricky finish via an arete

2. Coyote Club (6a) pleasant face on extreme left of face. Rebolted and new belay added

3. Fast and Furry-ous (6a) an excellent pitch via the obvious crackline

4. Wile E Coyote (6a) ** excellent climbing up the runnel right of the poised block and an easier headwall.

5. Beep, Beep (6a+) ** a tricky start via an overlap and excellent but easier above.

6. Road Runner (5) * a direct line with short difficulties in the middle of the pitch.

7. Running for Cover (5+) ** a superb climb slap bang up the centre of the face with a tricky finale.

8. The Run Off (5) easier climbing on the right-hand side of the wall.

9. Elmer Thud (5) * the new right-hand line has some good climbing on it.

10. Lickin' Chicken (5) another pleasant addition branching right from Elmer Thud.