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Harpur Hill - The Dark Side Left-Hand

The next three routes are on the inset wall to the left.

13. The Invasion of the Creepazoid (6c+) Central pillar off block. Tricky and sustained. Start fallen down.

14. Pillar of Wisdom (6b) * Left-hand pillar starting at higher level.

No Widsom (6b+) * left-hand arete of pillar is harder

15. Fool's Stuffing (6a+) right-hand line. Tricky central section.

16. Automatic Writing (6a) central line. Hardest above ledge.

17. Over the Deadline (6b) * the best of the three lines.

18. Under the Lifeline (6b) front face of pillar high up.

19. Ghost Writer (5+) pillar using wide crack.

20. In Stark Contrast (6b+) * black wall 20m to left and starting at higher level.

21. Graveyard Blues (6a+) arete to left. Hardest in middle.

22. The Dark Half (6b) * the fine arete at main level.

23. Stark Disbelief (6c+) easy crack, hard face and easy finish.

Metal Back Crack HVS 5a start up via a tricky move up the thin crack to a ledge. The crack above leads to the belay.

24. George Stark Calling (6a+) * sharp arete on right side of bay to left. Unusual.

25. I'm a Port Vale Dribbler (6a) slim pillar

26. The Mouth Waters (6b+) * centre of fine black wall. Technical.

Hairline VS 4c * traditional straight crack, right-hand of two.

Uncreased (VS 4c) left-hand and wider crack.

27. Ear to Ear (6a+) slim wall with tricky move at half height. Worthwhile.

28. The Parting of the Lips (5) slim wall from ledge left again.

29. People Will Talk (5) * excellent short arete.

30. Will They? (5) slim wall.

31. Preston North End (6c) Slab to steep wall with hard moves past 3rd BR.

32. Centreville (6a) crack to layback flake and lower off above.

33. Endsville (6a) front face with tricky finish 20m to left.

34. In My Darkest Hour (5) left-hand side of face. Pleasant.

End Games HVS 5a crackline on right wall of pillar

Coming to an End (6a+) slim pillar. Pleasant though short.

Is this the End? (5) central wall. Will it Never End (4+) left pillar

DNE (4) pillar with a mantelshelf finale It has to End Somewhere (6a) slab trending leftwards to lower off.

Bad End (5+) pillar with tricky moves past each bolt Endeth (5) slim face.

Euroman Endeth (4) face on 'bobbles Ending Now (6a) * arete

The End is Nigh (5) slim face and arete This is the End (5+) face with cracks