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Dog’s Dinner Buttress

Can't Wait a Dogone Minute (6c) easy start to a tricky sequence above the overlap. Worthwhile

1. Cat Lick (7b) desperate technical start to easier face and overlap above

2. In the Drink (6c) old route meeting last route at overlap

3. Go Cat (7a) ** fine central line tackling overlap rightwards

4. My Dog Dill E5 6a ** flake system leading out left from Go Cat to tackle roof

5. Dog Dirt (7c) desperately fingery wall to easier face.

6. The Dog Complex (6c+) ** an excellent route with a tough start on good holds to much easier but fine climbing above.

7. Learning to Swim E4 6b * boulder start then overlaps.

8. Baffled by Water Wings E4 6b * boulder start then overlaps.

9. Turkey Lurking (7b+) * boulder problem start and desperate overlap.

10. Tail Shake (6b) * very pleasant climbing after a bouldery start.

11. Wag the Dog (6c) * boulder problem start to good wall.

12. Shake the Tail (6b) bouldery start (again) to easier face.

13. Scooby Snack (7a+) gently overhanging wall to slabby finale.

14. Woof, Woof, Woof (6b) a short and pleasant route with a tricky start and finish.