Peak District Chee Dale Clwyd Limestone S.Wales Sandstone S.Wales Limestone The Gower Ban-Y-Gor

Watch House Crag


1. Excavation (4) blunt rib with pleasant move

2. Tickety Boo (5) slabby wall just right of shallow groove.

3. Sport Wars (6a) tricky start, step right then fine slab above.

4. Tread Gently (6b+) * desperate friction start, another hard move then easier.

5. St Vitus's Dance(6c+) * sustained series of moves in first 6m then easier.

6. The Drilling Fields (7a) * very hard start gradually easing

7. Anonymous Bosch (6b) * gentle climbing on undercuts through left-hand side of bulge.

8. Jaded Locals (6b+) ** excellent right-hand variant.

9. I Bolt, Therefore I am (6c+) * hard slab then stopper bulge.

10. Trad Man (6a+) crosses white streak from left to right.