Peak District Chee Dale Clwyd Limestone S.Wales Sandstone S.Wales Limestone The Gower Ban-Y-Gor

The Red and Sea Walls

1. Blight in August E4 5c * Twisting crackline with TR. Trad. gear to BB.

2. Red October (7a) ** Step wall with crozzley start and technical finish.

3. Project Desperate technical wall out left from shallow groove.

4. Sniff This (7a) ** Left-hand of two groove lines. Sustained and fingery and altogether excellent.

5. Sika That (7a) ** Short desperate arete then right-hand groove. Easier after start.

6. Little Cracker HVS 5a Curving crackline with trad. Gear BB on right.

7. Beyond All Resin (6c) * Crack in arete taken direct low down.

8. Resin D'arete (7a+) ** Technical arete line with powerful and fingery moves right to the top. A superb pitch which packs a punch.

9. Two in a Perfect Pair (7b+) * Shallow groove and wall just right of arete with unusual flake.

10. Red River Rock (7b) * Small edges and crimps up bubbly wall to right.

11. The Milkier Way (7c) * Steep desperate wall just before end of ledge. Keeps coming.

12. Mars Attacks (7a+) *** Red wall before shallow groove system. Finish via slight arete, stepping right to belay on ledge. Superb climbing.

13. Red With Rage (7b) *** Steep wall, ramp and groove. Classic, sustained climbing right to the very top: you have been warned.

14. Red Letter Day (7b+) *** Direct line just right finishing via blunt arete. Sustained.

15. Written in Red (7b) ** Right-hand finish to Red Letter day via prominent flake

16. Project Blank-looking wall. One hanger marks.

17. Red Snapper (7b+) ** Left-hand of three lines to right. One hideous move.

18. Project Central line

19. Project Right-hand line

20. Bitchin'(7b+) *** Superb climbing through a high bulge and final majestic move

21. The Morgue the Merrier (7b+) ** Straight line via scooped wall. Bouldery.

22. Missin' the Drink (7b) * Obvious groove with mean entry.

23. Kissin'the Pink (6c) *** Classic features. Right arete of groove above rock slab. Tufas, pockets and wrinkles, all very French.

24. Pissin' the Sink (7b) ** Fine steep wall with desperate finale to clip belay.

25. Foamin'the Gusset (7a) * Wall via ledge to hard move up tiny groove.

26. Inspector Glueso (7a) * Difficult groove above ledge.

27. Glue Year (7a) *** Superb. Groove and headwall above left-hand side of cave.

28. Settin' Stone (7b) ** Technical wall and superb roof.

29. Steel Yourself (6b) * Right arete above cave. Hard start from right.