Peak District Chee Dale Clwyd Limestone S.Wales Sandstone S.Wales Limestone The Gower Ban-Y-Gor

Mermaid Walls

1. Cross Word Pizzle (4) leftmost line on the low-angled slabs

2. Land Lubber (4) easy climbing to the lower off

3. The Naughty Corner (4) a slight corner moving right to the belay

4. Ursula (4) the slabby wall right again

5. Caesg (4) via a series of cracks

6. Turtle Apocalypse (4) more of the same just right

7. No Father Day (5) the slab past an obvious crystal pocket

8. Lara (5) * the right edge of the slender groove

9. Scurvy Dog (5+) * the centre of the pillar left of the cutaway

10. Crimp Paddle (6b+) ** pulls out left of the next route and up above the cutaway

11. Paternal Love (6b) * straight up above Crimp Paddle

12. Bye Dad (6b+) ** fine climbing up the centre of the pillar

13. Filial Duty (5+) the right-hand side of the pillar

14. Fought to the Day (5+) the hanging groove right of the pillar

15. This Vicar's Tea Party (6b+) the sidewall to join the next route

16. Stingray (6c) * through the block overhang with bouldery moves

17. Lemon Soul (6a) ** the arete and face finishing via the hanging groove on the left

18. A Mermaid Tale (5) ** left of the chimney moving into the finishing groove

19. Dawson's Corner (5) the exposed corner on great holds

20. Dawson's Creek (5) ** finishes direct

21. Fistful of Tenners (4) the front of the excellent narrow pillar

22. Under the Mattress (6a+) ** climbs via a high roof onto the upper wall

23. Cash in the Attic (5) ** the slight bulge and upper wall

24. Holds may Spin (5) * climbs via a slight corner and finishes leftwards

25. Probate Pending (3) left of some easy cracks

26. Psygod WibblyWobbly (5) the short wall

27. Names from Rogers Profanasaurus (5) above a ledge

28. Al Perchino (4) easy wall

29. Scuttle (4) just right again

30. The Trevena Fish Hotel (4) the long slabby pitch left of the cave/corner

1. Project

2. The Naughty Step (6a) moves right above the cave to climb a slim corner

3. A Mermaid's Footwork (6b) left-hand line up pillar

4. Flounder (6b) * the right-hand line

5. Somewhere in a Smile She Knows (6b+) * the centre of the leaning pillar

6. Besetting Fears (6a) * the pocketed pillar to the right joining 5

7. Horse Flavoured Shadows (5+) the arete above the large ledge

8. Triton (5) has two finishes