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Trevor Rocks Quarry

Situation and Character:

Trevor Rocks Quarry is the most southerly of the cliffs on the Eglwyseg escarpment and is quite a prominent landmark when travelling along the panoramic road. It is ideally situated for a short visit, morning as a warm-up to better things at such places as Dinbren or for an evening visit.

The climbs are centred around two walls. The west-facing wall is slabby in nature with a prominent crawl terrace: the routes here are characteristically bold on good slabby black limestone. The south-facing is vertical by contrast and offers routes of a sterner nature. Some in-situ gear is present here although the routes currently have no lower-offs and a defendant on stakes at the top of the cliff for belay.

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There are two approaches from Llangollen. Take the road out of Llangollen by the taxidermist shop and follow this road (Dinbren Road) for 2 miles until a T junction is reached - the Dinbren crags lie above. Turn right and follow this single track road until after a long rise the quarry will be seen on the left-hand side of the road followed by a sharp left-hand bend and a good parking place.

Alternatively, follow the road out of Llangollen towards Ruabon until the Sun Trevor pub is reached on the left-hand side of the road. Turn here and follow this steep road past a sharp left bend to again reach a T junction. Turn right and the quarry will lie just above with the left-hand bend a little further on.