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Independence Quarry

1. Lipstick (6c) an easy lower wall and a very tricky move above the ledge

2. Lazarus (6a+) pleasant face with a hard move through the overhang and short tricky finish.

3. Autonomy (6b) a short technical start then easier and large holds through the overlap.

4. Home Rule (6a+) * a good little route with fine clean climbing.

5. Promises (6b+) all straightforward to a hard finale.

6. Better Together (6b+) * an easier lower wall leads to a tricky finale on the rib to the right.

7. Rebus (6a+) a improved route with a new belay and some new bolts to protect the crux.

8. Top Rankin (6b) * Long slabby route with a couple of technical rockovers high up.

9. The Last Bastion (6c) * fine climbing on a very technical lower slab. Easier above.

10. Specsavers (6a+) the left-hand side of the next wall, starting by a huge thorny bush. Has a few tricky moves.

11. Eye to Eye Contact (6b+) good climbing with a hard central section. A little disjointed.

12. High Stepper (6a+) a long pitch with good climbing. Pity about the mid-height ledge.

13. The Eyes Have It (6b) * a fine pitch via a vague blunt rib and fingery finale.

14. The Funnel (6b) another long pitch via an easy lower wall and awkward groove.

15. The Shute (6b) an easier lower wall with a short tricky section above the break.

16. The Tract (6b+) * a fine pitch with a hard section and tricky clip above the break. Very worthwhile.

17. Conundrum (6c+) a short tricky overlap and easier wall

18. Con Hum-Drum (6b) an easier right-hand line. Unusual

19. Golden Rabbit (6b) another short wall with a tricky finale

20. A Hare's Breath (6a+) the lower wall leads to a ledge and pleasant climbing up the blunt rib above.

21. To Me, To You (6b+) a short pleasant wall on excellent rock to the right. Technical

22. Technocrat (6b) left-hand of two short easier routes to the right again

23. Technobrat (6a) right-hand line.

Unmasked (6c+) a short face above a high ledge to a cleaned ledge and shallow groove and short hard face above.

Unwashed (6c+) a right-hand finish to the above with a very long reach to gain the last bolt

Smashed (6b) pleasant enough via an arete and compact face. Pity about the ledge

Mashed (5+) an easier route via a lower wall and blunt rib.

1. Lost in Translation (6a) easy slab and left side of pleasant rib. Easier for the tall.

2. Groundhog Day (6a+) the right-hand side of the rib. Tough through the overlap

3. Celery Soup (6b) a tricky move from the beak and then unusual tippy-toeing

4. Mr. Potato Head (6b) a pleasant route with awkward moves from the break and pleasantly sustained above

5. Celeriac Groove (6c) the groove line gained from the left

6. Groove Tomato (6b) * the red-stained groove with a well-defined crux. Hard to on-sight

7. Touching the Radish (6c) a right-hand branch via a bizarre ramp and blind finale.

8. Evil Kneevil (6b+) *the leftmost route on the next series of walls. Technical and surprisingly good.

9. Consider an Evil (6a+) another short wall and tricky overlap. Easier above via short groove.

10. It Seems So (6a+) short wall, pleasant groove and steep finish to belay.

11. Is This as Good as it Gets (6c+) * desperate entry onto face via groove and fine rib above.

12. No Regard (6b) a more difficult overlap and pleasant face above moving rightwards.

13. Beauregarde (6a+) * Face with awkward overlap and excellent face above.

14. Ump and Over (6a) blunt rib and pleasant face with tricky finish.

15. Umpalumpa Groove (5) obvious crackline with awkward finale

16. Roald Dahling (6c) * superb climbing on the upper wall after a problematic move through the overlap. High in the grade.

17. Verruca Salt (6b) * another good route taking the cracked overlap and the blunt rib above. Harder, marginally, that the last route.

18. Augustus Gloop (6a+) * another good route taking the hanging black scoop and the pleasant wall above.

19. Into the Fire (7a) * superb climbing via an overlap and shallow black groove. Fingery at the crux through the overlap.

20. Indiana Jones (6a+) gains the prominent cracks via a hard move through the overlap. Finish leftwards.

21. Indi-Pops (6c) fine climbing via a short wall and prominent overlap taken on the left.

22. The Indi Mix (6c) short difficult route past prominent layback edge.

23. Oh Calcutta (6a) the shallow groove system on the left-hand side of the face gives the warm-up. Keep to the line of BRs.

24. Independence Day (6b+) ** left-centre of face gives a fine companion tot he last route.

25. I Don't Agree (6b+) ** direct up the centre of the fine black face with excellent rock and climbing.

26. Independence (6b) * fine sustained face climbing via a blunt rib.

27. The Last Crusade (6c+) Difficult and fingery moves from ledge with scary clip. Pre-clip 3rd BR from the next route

28. India (6b) pleasant slight groove with unusual exit leftwards. Reachy

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